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Property Design Options

Garden Soil
Vegetable Picking

Creating the life you want on your property

can be daunting. There's so much to consider -

'mistakes' can be time consuming, costly and disheartening.  That's where we come in!

Resilient Living can support you with various options

to navigate the process and help you to avoid pitfalls.

Whether you're on a lifestyle block or an urban property,

we offer a range of design consult options to suit your personal situation, desired level of detail and budget.

Maybe you've just bought a property or you're wanting to change direction on your existing property

to a more resilient regenerative one - we can help.

Below are our various property support options:


Property Design options

Initial consultation
After initial contact by phone or email, we meet at your property for a site 'walk and talk' consultation.  We'll listen to your dreams and visions for your property and brainstorm options and possibilities. 

Out of this process the project's parameters will evolve - you may just want this one visit to help gain property design clarity, or you may choose to go further with one of the design options below.

Design Option 1: Concept Design

With this option we further the design process after the initial consultation, bringing in our drone to gain an aerial overview of your property.  This is where we start mapping out a vision on how various areas can best be utilised by putting things down on paper to create a general concept design for your property. 

Aspects we consider can include:

  • Climatic aspects

  • Contour & slope

  • Microclimate areas

  • Water requirements

  • Soil type

  • Building and driveway placement

This design outlines the 'where to put what' - from overall water management and flow; siting of your edible garden areas; the best way to integrate plantings and animals on your property if you're wanting bees, chooks or larger 4-leggeds etc - right down to where you want to watch the sunset! With this option you'll receive an accurate, 2-D to scale base map design.

Design Option 2: Concept Design with specifics

This option is where we go into even more detail on your 2-D design plan, zooming into specifics, including more detailed placements of elements and sizings. We include infrastructure layout, recommend edible plant & tree types (eg citrus, nuts etc) and species that are suitable for your property's climatic zone, soil conditions etc.

Design Option 3: Animated 3-D concept design

This a great option to  see how your property would look from a 3-D perspective vs. just on paper. With this option you receive an animated 3-D design video that takes you on a fly over journey around and through your property.  We overlay the design topographically onto your exact geo location. You can even see the way sun moves on your property through the seasons showing what areas get sun at the various times of the year.  This design option can be with or without specific edible plant and tree recommendations.


With any of the above options, we can also help with implementation - taking care of the whole project or just parts of it.  If you are keen to do the work yourself, we can also work alongside you to guide the process, or be available to consult with as and when needed.

Honeymoon Valley design 04_edited.png

Rural/Lifestyle block design


Urban/city property design

Herb Plants

Here's a list of some of the elements we can incorporate into your design:

Edible landscapes
Raised organic garden beds
Chook systems
Edible 'kitchen' garden areas
Food forests
Nature-styled ponds
Wicking (self watering) garden beds
Fruit trees/orchards
Herb gardens
Water tanks
Greywater systems
Worm farms & compost areas
Soil improvement
Flowers & companion planting
Wood lots
Mushroom growing areas
Native bird habitat
Seating areas
Eco outdoor studios or sheds with grass roof
Built garden structures: courtyards etc


Community Kitchen Garden
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